For DIYers: Best Bolts for the Home


Upon owning a home, there are about a million and a half things that can possibly go wrong. Not necessarily in a big, bad, the house is burning down type of bad, but in an “oh, that’s annoying!” type of bad. If you get home after a long day at work to your beautiful wife and children, you want to be spending all of your free time with them, not holed up under the sink fixing a leak.

On your spare Sunday’s you don’t want to be up on the roof fixing the gutters, or in the basement fixing the sump pump. You want to be out and about in the city, planning and executing activities with your family. You worked hard! You deserve the “rest!”

There is one type of appliance that will hold everything together longer, and is simply better than all of the rest. The seemingly trivial nuts and bolts will literally make the difference between spending hours fixing up the house and spending hours playing with your kids.

Hex bolts, hex flange nuts, and hex head bolts are one mere group that can serve as an example of the ease with which they act as building blocks for the entire house. Hex nuts, which weigh mere ounces, can hold together the most large of structures and can strengthen almost anything.

The Irwin drill bits that come from an Irwin drill bit set are even better. They seem to be almost unbreakable and never erode, and can more than hold their weight. They will ensure that the house will stay together as a whole, and every single different element within the house will be safe as well.

The lock nuts act very much the same, and tighten many screws that have been used to hold things together. The nylon lock nut is, seemingly, the strongest of all, because it has an inner lining to ensure longevity.

Whatever your preference in the lock, nut, or bolt that you will use in order to keep your possessions intact, it is essential that you at least use some form of a combination of the three. With these types of handy tools, you will never have to spend another freezing cold, windy Sunday morning shivering alone on the roof, and you will never have to spend another late night under the sink, banging your head every time someone calls out, “daddy!”


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