Operating Construction Equipment with Tracks


With “do it yourself” becoming the battle cry of craftsman all over the nation, the tendency to handle home improvement projects, big or small, is gaining popularity. Because of the financial savings and sense of fulfillment after successfully completing a particularly challenging project, many households are choosing to undertake their own projects instead of hiring firms or contractors. With increasingly difficult and intricate projects, comes the need to rent and operate increasingly expensive and complex equipment. With a large variety of construction equipment available for commercial rent or purchase, knowing how to operate and maintenance the equipment in the field of work is a necessity.

One of the most difficult problems when operating construction equipment is the selection and successful operation of tracks that said equipment runs on. Tracks for skid steers vary drastically from excavator rubber tracks. Different materials, patterns, and sizes of tracks offer different function for the machine. If the equipment is climbing steep hills with heavy front loads, the patterns and tread system will vary from that of Komatsu rubber tracks, which are ideal for wet or gravely conditions. The wheel system that the tracks will be applied to also makes a difference when selecting adequate tracks for a job.

For smaller equipment, mini excavator tracks are a viable option. They allow spot on maneuverability in tight situations and in close quarters, as compared to John Deere rubber tracks that need large expanses of space to turn and operate effectively. The actual makeup of the environment makes a difference when operating equipment with treads. Goodyear rubber tracks are best for use on pavement and other solid terrains, as opposed to mud or loose grass and gravel. If the wrong type of treads are selected and implemented, the results to the equipment and the job in question can be disastrous, costing time and money to individuals making home improvements.

The best way to select the right treads or tracks for equipment is to ask a pro. Employees at equipment shops or rental and purchase centers can offer a wealth of information concerning use and outfitting o their equipment. A dead giveaway to locating these places is to look for signs that advertise equipment rental or skid steer tracks for sale. If a shop or outfitter has skid steer tracks for sale, they’ll usually carry a variety of tracks and treads for equipment use that can outfitted on site.


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