Hold Fast for Metric Perfection

There’s really nothing more fascinating than fasteners, and that isn’t even because that sentence is the perfect Bad Pun. In today’s fast-paced world of independent contracting, you need to have the right fastener at the right time, or you could very easily find yourself the laughing stock of the work site. You’ll never be able to live down your lack of preparedness, and everyone will wonder if you were ever part of the Boy Scouts or some other group that clearly teaches you to be prepared ahead of time, all the time.


It doesn’t help that the shadow war between the Imperial and Metric systems continues at job sites across these United States. As a foot soldier on the side of the Metric, you know that your system is the only one that makes any real sense in this crazy, mixed-up world we live in. That’s why when you need specialty fasteners, you turn to stainless steel metric fasteners. Stainless metric fasteners provide the strength of 19th century steel with 18th century French revolutionary politics. What more could you possibly want?


Specialty hardware fasteners come in many different varieties, of course, and you aren’t just limited to stainless steel. Titanium metric fasteners offer not just the joie d’vivre of their stainless steel brethren, but the Titanium strength of a futuristic robot in fastener form. When you’re using Titanium fasteners, “Metric or Imperial?” isn’t even a question. Being a futuristic metal, Metric is the only possible option.


Fasteners and their particular sizing aren’t the only major life decision you’ll face, but as a serious professional it definitely ranks up there. It’s important to have all the right bits at the right time, or a whole day of work can be wasted scouring the work site and local hardware stores trying to find exactly what you need and, in all likelihood, failing. That’s you out a day’s work, or, that’s you having to spend the money you should be banking away on new, extra materials. Seems counterproductive, does it not?


That’s because it is. Invest now in a full set of Metric fasteners and you’ll never again have to concern yourself with whether or not you have everything you need to get the job done. This will lead you to develop a reputation for preparedness and forethought, which means you’ll be a sought-after commodity, an immaculate professional that every foreman wants on their site. A perfect, happy, Metric ending.



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