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Beware of the Mole

Have you felt the tremors beneath your feet as you’ve walked about the park? Been noticing the seemingly innocuous drill marks coming up from various points in the back yard? If you’ve answered yes then these may be signs of the coming moleman invasion. But why would the molemen and molewomen come to the surface […]

Hold Fast for Metric Perfection

There’s really nothing more fascinating than fasteners, and that isn’t even because that sentence is the perfect Bad Pun. In today’s fast-paced world of independent contracting, you need to have the right fastener at the right time, or you could very easily find yourself the laughing stock of the work site. You’ll never be able […]

Versatile Tarpaulins for Protection from Elements

Tarps have many uses. Made of polythene, canvas, or other flexible materials that are durable, they are waterproof, weather-resistant, and flexible. They are widely used in industries, transport, construction, and at homes as spread on any surface or for covering machines, cargo and other valuable items stored outdoors for protection from elements. While choosing waterproof […]

Operating Construction Equipment with Tracks

With “do it yourself” becoming the battle cry of craftsman all over the nation, the tendency to handle home improvement projects, big or small, is gaining popularity. Because of the financial savings and sense of fulfillment after successfully completing a particularly challenging project, many households are choosing to undertake their own projects instead of hiring […]

For DIYers: Best Bolts for the Home

Upon owning a home, there are about a million and a half things that can possibly go wrong. Not necessarily in a big, bad, the house is burning down type of bad, but in an “oh, that’s annoying!” type of bad. If you get home after a long day at work to your beautiful wife […]